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Our programs are designed to equip refugees with skills and knowledge aiming at enhancing personal and economic empowerment. 

Education for Productive Livelihoods

This program has two branches: Vocational Training, GEL, and ICT. Vocational training involves tailoring classes available to both men and women interested in fashion and design. The GEL is taught to refugee youths interested in learning English to increase employability and communication skills. Finally, ICT is designed to equip youths with the technical know-how of operating and managing computer tasks.

Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health

Though HIV prevalence in the Kakuma refugee camp is low, the risks of contracting it and other sexually transmitted diseases remain high.Hence, the importance of this program. We educate sexually active adolescents on their sexual rights, sexual reproductive health, and safe and effective family planning & contraceptives to reduce unplanned pregnancies and HIV infections. 


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