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Our News & Latest Updates

Despite the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, our 2021 education and livelihood programs are still running successfully this August. We thank our donors, supporters, and volunteers for enabling us to unwaveringly stand with the refugee community through these tough times.

What We Were Up to

So far so good! We have managed to bring in new additions to the Resilience Action group and team; a Program Development Consultant and two more trainers. All but one position were taken by women, hence increasing the number of women in the organization.

Besides our diverse hiring, our biggest highlight lies in our fruitful implementation of the sewing machine loans program. Our 14 beneficiaries were able to receive brand new tailoring machines to kick start their business soon after receiving certification from us.

What made this possible is the adamant dedication of our programs and support team in streamlining the procurement process of required resources for each activity.

In the area of partnerships and projects, we are happy to share with you the 8-month partnership with OSUN (Open Society University Network) through Xavier Project. We received financial support to efficiently run this combined project until objectives were met.

Moreso, this pilot project started in May 2021 and has enrolled 42 participants, but more shall be recruited within the running duration. All our activities, in general, have reached over 500 youths in Kakuma with 208 being women and the remaining, 298 men so far.

To ascertain the quality of our training, we have ensured the programs are facilitated by well-trained professionals who have in-depth knowledge of collaborative tools and project assessment skills. Also, we have ascertained our facilitators have uninterrupted access to the digital workspace to ease their workflow and enhance creativity at all times. This, we can confidently say, is a massive win on our side.

Our Future Plans

In the next few weeks, we are looking forward to ticking all boxes on these tasks:

  • Youth mapping

  • Release Start-up Grants to entrepreneurship beneficiaries

  • Monitor learning all activities and address any challenges to our programs

  • Focus on Fundraising and program partnerships to scale up our impact and introduce more programs for our beneficiaries.

Together with our team, we are drawing effective plans for the following weeks -and next year- that will bring in funds to kick start more youth-oriented projects in the camp.

Last but not least It is with heartfelt gratitude that we thank you for being part of our efforts this August to support and strengthen marginalized communities in the Kakuma refugee camp.

Indeed, community development begins with us.


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