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From Isolation to Inspiration: Tuyizere Fausia's Triumph As a Teenage Mother, We Lead Project

Tuyizere Fausia is a teenage mother living in Kakuma refugee camp, who has benefited from RAI's youth reproductive health- We Lead Project- program. As a student at Shebelle primary school, Tuyizere faced significant challenges as an outcast in society due to her young motherhood at just 19 years old.

"The whole society at large considered me as an outcast, and I was condemned by many who gave me many sarcastic names. I had given up."

However, after attending We Lead's adolescent sexual and reproductive health training after-school classes, she gained new skills and confidence to fight for her future and improve her life. The training's influence extended beyond Tuyizere, benefiting many other girls who were previously unaware of their reproductive rights.

After attending the adolescent reproductive health classes, I gained many skills that encouraged me to fight as a young mother and assured me of a good life ahead. The perception I had built in my head vanished.

Tuyizere's life story reveals that she was living as an orphan in Burundi when she became pregnant and was subsequently chased away. Fortunately, a well-wisher brought her to Kakuma and left her at the reception center. With the help of RAI's We Lead program, Tuyizere learned how to protect herself from another unwanted pregnancy, and maintain hygiene, enabling her to focus on her studies and build a brighter future for herself and her child.

"The basic things that I got to learn during the session are how to protect myself from getting pregnant because I would like to finish my studies. I also learned how to maintain hygiene and many other things."
Two young women talking, resilience action international
Tuyizere (left) with Pascaline(right) RAI's Reproductive health champion and facilitator.


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