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Empowering Girls Through WE LEAD Training: Hanan Kajan's Story

Updated: May 2, 2023

Hanan Kajan's teacher, Madam Sarah, was the first person to encourage her to participate in the three-week WE LEAD training. Prior to the training, Hanan had little knowledge of personal hygiene, Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights, cancer of the female reproductive organs, the effects of drugs, and the importance of abstinence. However, after the training, she felt the positive impacts right away.

The WE LEAD training equipped Hanan with tools to manage her stress levels, say no to activities she did not want to participate in, and build her confidence and self-esteem. She believes that the training helped her maintain healthy relationships with her teachers and peers, and made her more excited about learning and attending school. Additionally, the training contributed to her understanding of sexual health, HIV/AIDS, menstruation, and other crucial aspects of Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR).

In fact, the WE LEAD training made such a significant impression on Hanan that she now considers herself an ambassador for it. "I am now an agent for WE LEAD, sharing the knowledge I gained from the training with my family and the community," she says. "I particularly focus on sharing my knowledge with young girls." In her free time, Hanan and her friends discuss the knowledge they gained during the training and work to mitigate harmful practices such as early marriage and tooth removal.

Hanan is deeply committed to training and sharing these essential messages with other girls. She acknowledges that this would not have been feasible without the support of donors, RAI, and facilitators, and thanks everyone for their hard work and support.


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