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Equipping learners with life skills for emotional management, maintaining personal health, and financial literacy.

Goodstart project began in May 2019 with the purpose of training and equipping refugee youths with knowledge on how to better their lives and turn available resources into income generating activities within Kakuma Camp.


The project was run in partnership with Xavier Project and targets young refugee men, women, and teenage mothers living within the camp. In the first year since its started, we managed to empower over 823 beneficiaries and impact the community in a magnificently positive way evidenced by teenage mother going back to school, opening of new businesses run by youths, increased employment among refugee youths, and nurturing of bold human rights leaders in the community.

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Goodstart project focuses on:

  • Financial Literacy:

    • Beneficiaries learn how to be responsible with their finances, proper ways of running a business, and how to build their community through entrepreneurial opportunities within Kakuma Refugee Camp

  • Emotional & Psychosocial learning:

    • Conflict resolution and Peacebuilding are one of the major topics in this section.

    • Also, youths get to learn problem-solving, understanding their day-to-day challenges or issues and how to turn them into income-generating activities.

  • Human rights:

    • Refugee youths are familiarized with the Kenyan Law, their human rights, and positive behavioral change that builds the community.   

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