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Roman Lokiyo, a passionate young man hailing from South Sudan, carries a deep aspiration to collaboratively bring about positive change in his society, promoting civilization and enhancing civic engagement among children in the community. As a dedicated teacher and proud parent of a young, successful daughter, Roman believes that his role as an educator enables him to make a significant impact on the community. Guiding and mentoring young boys and girls towards a more positive path is something he cherishes. His unwavering belief is that education stands as a key factor in advancing civilization.

Youth Reproductive Health Resilience Action International Kakuma refugee camp
Roman Lokiyo narrating his story to RAI staff at his workplace

"I got involved with the We Lead project through my daughter, who is one of the beneficiaries of the program here in Kakuma. As a parent, I am willing to collaborate with relevant organizations and stakeholders to uplift and instill hope in our young children, especially girls who face vulnerability and require proper guidance,"

Roman explains passionately. He acknowledges the influence that motivates him to actively support positive change within their community.

Having witnessed the effects of the We Lead activities, Roman notes significant changes, particularly among girls. He proudly speaks of his daughter's growth and attributes it to the support she has received through the program, including the provision of personal materials and increased guidance. "My daughter has become more active nowadays as she grows older, and she needs proper guidance," Roman observes.

The impact of the We Lead activities extends beyond his own family, as Roman has noticed a considerable reduction in school dropouts, which he considers the most significant change resulting from the program. Resilient Action International has been instrumental in providing trainings to adolescent girls in the community, transforming their perspectives on education.

"Previously, the dropout rate was high. However, since the implementation of We Lead activities, especially the trainings offered to adolescent girls, I see the facilitators walking into our school compound, and I know that the girls are gaining knowledge that will transform them and keep them in school," Roman explains with conviction.

He commends the continued support provided, including the distribution of sanitary pads, which has played a vital role in ensuring girls can attend school comfortably. The advice given to learners has shifted their perspective, resulting in fewer dropouts and increased enrollment rates.

Roman recognizes multiple factors contributing to these positive changes. He acknowledges the organization's efforts in creating a conducive environment within the camp, ensuring effective facilitation. Moreover, the collaboration between parents and the organization is crucial, as they work together to provide access to courses, guidance, and advice for the success of the activities.

"As a parent, when the organization introduces projects, I offer them my full support for their efficiency," Roman emphasizes.

He believes that the parents also deserve acknowledgment for their role in supporting and guiding their children at home, teaching them moral values and ensuring they attend school. Community and religious leaders play a significant part by continuously reminding and guiding children within the community.

Roman firmly believes that these changes will have a transformative effect on the civic space within the community.

By instilling a sense of right and wrong, understanding their bodies and health issues, and expanding their knowledge, children will contribute to a more vibrant civic space. "These changes create more civic space in the community," Roman asserts, confident in the positive impact that will be achieved.

Through his dedication as a teacher, his role as a parent, and his commitment to collaboration and positive change, Roman Lokiyo is an inspiring catalyst for progress within Kakuma Camp.


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